Community and groups

Our mission is to provide a place where people can connect to the land, food growing and each other. An important part of what we do, alongside food growing, is to host events, celebrations and regular groups at the beautiful site that we steward.

Seasonal celebrations

For our membership, we run seasonal celebrations and events that in the past have included:

  • Summer evening celebration including campfire and group work session.
  • Harvest celebration with shared meal using the field’s produce, games (dress up the pumpkins and guess the veg in a box!) and a shared poem.
  • Candlemas/imbolc melting old wax and planting lights in the ground.
  • Lantern walk with songs on Summer Street.

These events offer the opportunity to get closer to seasonal rhythms, celebrate what is gifted to us from the land and to meet others and feel part of something. Or they’re simply a nice activity and some good food and fun. Our events are not pretentious, nor require people to follow particular ideologies – we’re open to inspiration from all sorts of places and want everyone to feel welcome and to take part as suits them. We’re pleased with the all-age nature of our events – we’ve had people from age 9 months to 90 years attending.

See the news and events section for upcoming dates.

“I choose joy over despair. Not because I have my head in the sand, but because joy is what the earth gives me and I must return the gift.”
― Joanna Macy, Active Hope

Regular groups

We’re beginning to host some regular groups who want to use the space for their sessions. So far, we’ve hosted an open parent and child session on Friday mornings. Parents dropped in to share company, open space and soup made from the field produce, on a donation basis. It’s not running at the moment due to the time of year, but is likely to start again in future. We’re also exploring a children’s group using some space to learn about growing food.

If you have ideas for other groups, particularly of or for people who might not otherwise have access to such a space, please get in touch to discuss.